shakespeare's conspirator

Did a Jewish woman of color write many of Shakespeare's plays?

Did she embed clues in the scripts pointing to her identity and authorship?

Explore the Shakespeare Authorship Question and the Evidence Pointing to Emilia Bassano Lanyer 

Would your group be interested in an engaging speaker?  

‚ÄčSteve is available to speak to book discussion groups and nonprofit organizations gratis (excluding travel expenses) in person, via Skype or other video hookup, or by phone.

In addition to discussing the novel, Steve can speak about:

  • The life and works of Emilia Bassano Lanyer (an Elizabethan woman and proto-feminist author largely lost to history).

  • The question of who wrote the plays credited to Shakespeare. Amelia is one of many suspected authors. Learn about the others and the evidence for and against each, including The Bard himself.

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