shakespeare's conspirator

Did a Jewish woman of color write many of Shakespeare's plays?

Did she embed clues in the scripts pointing to her identity and authorship?

Explore the Shakespeare Authorship Question and the Evidence Pointing to Emilia Bassano Lanyer 

In addition to SHAKESPEARE'S CONSPIRATOR, Steve is a co-author of THE CATALYST EFFECT, which shows readers how to expand their impact beyond job boundaries to elevate the performance of their teams and ultimately the overall organization. It's a practical, research-based roadmap for developing and applying 12 key competencies to multiply one’s impact. The Catalyst Effect demonstrates that individuals can lead from wherever they are, regardless of their role or title. It has been praises by numerous business and thought leaders including Stephen M.R. Covey and Angela Duckworth. 

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SHAKESPEARE'S CONSPIRATOR was inspired by intriguing comments made by a tour guide in at Shakespeare's home in Stratford-upon-Avon and then reading about Amelia Bassano Lanyer in other publications.


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